The ASPIS System adapts to the specific needs of any vertical sector, controlling seamlessy any chain-of-custody process, building on the ASPISControl core.

Kurt Horrix, COO Maono Group and CEO EQUINOX-AFRICA

Although the scope of RFID is very diverse, we focus our efforts in a particularly sensitive area that requires improvements in control and management.

Chain of Custody

The ownership and control aspect of a supply chain is referred to as the “chain of custody”. The custodial sequence that occurs as ownership or control of “managed assets” is transferred from one custodian to another along the supply chain.

A “chain of custody system” comprises a set of technologies, procedures, and documents that are used to provide information useful for managing the supply chain. Maono is providing several solutions to control such chain, introducing the ASPIS System in the process after careful analysis of the business requirements and the environment it is intended to operate in, eventually.

The true strength of our solution is the fact that we build on our modular management console, ASPISControl, to achieve integration and follow-up of procedures and documents. In general, the base components, ASPISTag, ASPISPerson and Car are completed by a “specific component” that addresses every unique business process, which we build on purpose to fully meet the client’s expectation.

Vertical Sectors addressed by Maono with the ASPIS System

We have included three case studies hereafter building on such expectations, namely;

ASPIS Weapons Management System

The sheer volume of movement of weapons and accessories between units and personnel implies great responsibility and a formidable logistical challenge. Countless daily tasks such as transfers, assignments, guard duties, operations, audits, inspections and maintenance make their control a challenge impossible to solve with existing standard methods. 

ASPIS solves these problems at the root because it has been specifically designed to control and manage weapons and their accessories by integrating software screens, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), barcode, biometric scanners and alarms. The software is fully developed and available for deployment and configuration according to each client’s workflow and terminology, fully adapting to each organisation’s operational requirement

Achieving effective control so that strategic assets remain in good hands, in optimal condition and in a safe place, can save lives. In addition, it reduces the material and operational costs of the maintenance of superfluous preventive stocks.

  • Tauri Solutions has developed a control and management system using RFID technology : ASPIS CONTROL.
  • Control by RFID is enabled thanks to the introduction of RFID Tags that contain a detailed description of the item that they are attached to. These RFID tags are associated with each element via the ASPIS solution platform, applying “real time” information such as : Full Inventory, Visibility, Tracking and Control of the tagged items
  • When passing through the control area of RFID readers, the entire inventory is scanned in seconds and the database is automatically updated without staff intervention.

The complete solution is a combination of ASPISControl and ASPIS System add-ons; ASPISCar, ASPISPerson and Tags.

Click to download the ASPISWMS Product brochure, or consult a 3 minute video of our solution by filling out the contact form on this web site .

  • Controls personnel, ASSETS (weapons) and accessories within specific locations
  • Controls exit and entry of THESE ASSETS and THEIR accessories distributed to guards and agents
  • Automatic alerts and notifications via the Aspissolution alarm : e-mail, sms, Viber, whatsapp… 
  • Controls and logs weapons’ repair and maintenance plus technical inspections
  • Manages, prepares and controls the transfer of weapons and accessories from one site to another or from one owner / user to another.
  • Controls destruction of old and out of service weapons
  • Withholds weapons from personnel in the event of retirement, conviction, incomplete training or resignation
  • Speedy audits and inventories with portable readers synchronizing with the database in real time
  • Specific serial weapon identification numbers can be input on handheld RFID reader to identify them within a large stock of arms. When approaching the specific weapon, a sound signal is emitted, of the Geiger counter type.
  • Possibility to control stock at each change of guard
  • Any weapon or accessory passing through an Aspiscontrol point will be automatically registered
  • The solution facilitates a complete audit log, and a historic log on each weapon and / or accessory, as well its current state.
  • The system location screens allow you to log weapons individually or in a group for reception, assignment or transfer.
  • The solution integrates standard reports, but specific reporting can be set up on request.
  • The system allows you to annex weapons to documents, images, photos, videos, and other similar contents for easy access, eg, manuals, technical specifications, weapons, ammunition, warranties, etc.
  • The solution allows the alert of an unauthorized grouping of armed individuals – via automatic notification

ASPIS Forest Management System

The ASPIS System applies to the need of forest conservation, in general a burden and very complex matter for any government to impose or deploy in its specific environment.

Among the important places to begin is to trace wood from its source to its final use. The systems and technologies of ASPISFMS provide the means by which responsible elements of the industry can isolate wood from illegal or poorly managed sources

Wood tracking is not necessarily a hard pill for the industry to swallow. Tracking has enormous potential to improve efficiencies. It can enhance quality control, safety and financial discipline all along the supply chain. Governments can help promote the application of good chain of custody (CoC) practice by integrating requirements for adequate wood flow controls in forest management regulations and compliance monitoring

ASPISFMS is addressing the chain of custody process to deploy adequate forest management solution
  • Each wooden object is assigned a unique code and if necessary, additional properties
  • RFIDNails contain a unique identification code and they have free memory available which is intended for entering any data. To communicate their identification codes and other data recordedin the memory, they use radio waves. 
  • The RFID Nails are designed and constructed to mark both living wood (trees) and round timber and for all kinds of wooden products and semi-products.
  • The information recorded is linked back to the database which is controlled by the central management console, ASPISControl 

ASPISFMS has been developed from a specific customer’s requirement and is detailed under the following post.

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ASPIS Fleet Management System

The ASPIS Fleet Control and Management solution builds on the patented Exceltronic components integrated into the ASPISCar component of our partner. This allows us to control the car without the need to being connected to Internet at any moment.

Fleet (vehicle) management can include a range of functions, such as vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics), driver management, speed management, fuel management and health and safety management. Fleet Management is a function which allows companies which rely on transportation in business to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiencyproductivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs, providing 100% compliance with government legislation (duty of care) and many more.

  • The ASPISCar solution is fully customisable to the client’s terminology and business process
  • All users of ASPISCar (Drivers, Passengers, Administrators, Mechanics, etc) are identified in real time by their RFID Personnel Card (ASPISPerson) and tagged material (ASPISTag) (Eg; Weapon, Walkie Talkie, etc) which are then linked to the RFID-Tagged Vehicle
  • Automatic Recognition Management is carried out at the entrance/exit barrier where ASPISCar reads and links the Car RFID Tag to those on Passenger Cards and their equipment.
  • From here on various processes can be integrated into the ASPISControl system where access can be granted, verification towards fleet procedures executed and so on. The application is vaste and any business process can be integrated into ASPISControl due to the modular structure, where the last component (the business process) can be built-on-purpose to match the client’s expectations.

Click here to download the Datasheet or find more solutions building on ASPIS System, here!

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