The Argentine Naval Prefecture (Spanish : Prefectura Naval Argentina or PNA) is one of the country’s main armed forces, whose mission is to protect and maintain public order in all of Argentina’s ports and inland waterways and seas. It has more than 30,000 personnel and is responsible for a vast arsenal including short, long guns, artillery, ships, planes and helicopters.

The large amount of transfers of weapons and gear between units and personnel involves great responsibility and an enormous logistical challenge. The innumerable daily transactions between the units and the personnel made their control a challenge impossible to overcome according to the existing manual methods.

The handout and receiving, assigning, changing of guards, the number of agents, audits, inspections and their maintenance in more than 100 gun stores and main and intermediate depots involved a large number of staff hours of work, which could lead to errors.


The main operational problems observed were:

  • A great difficulty in controlling the delivery and reception of weapons and accessories (vests, helmets, batons, ammunition, etc.)
  • Control of authorization to carry weapons difficult to ensure.
  • Difficult control over restitution.
  • Audits difficult to perform, making it difficult to complete the desired number of audits, and most of them were only partial.
  • Sufficiently early detection of the disappearance/loss of potentially dangerous items (Weapons & Gear)
  • Maintenance cycles and other inspections difficult to Control
  • Inventory of elements within the armory difficult to perform.

A typical armoury inventory would take us as much as 7 hours, whereas the accuracy of any audit is at risk, when missions and tasks interfere with the audit process, carried out even manually and therefore prone to human errors. ASPIS allowed us to bring this down to 7 Minutes”

Prefectura Naval Argentina

Prefectura Naval Argentina

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