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Telematics in Motion
Functional Components ASPISCAR, the control of the telematics component of the ASPIS System, is a combination of an external hardware module and software functionality that enables the seamless integration between track& trace and asset management. While we believe IoT to be a cornerstone of the fully connected world and the ability to measure and control the environment every connected asset is running in, we also believe that some applications demand for he need to be connected on an as-is basis.
Accurate inventory management, while being agile and responsive to critical situations such as terrorist attacks or any criminal attempt to exploit changes in shifts, where weapons and ammunition change from one team on duty to another, is where our ASPISControl management console comes into play, with predefined templates of missions, people and allowed weapons and gear. A typical armoury inventory could take as much as 7 hours, whereas the accuracy of any audit is at risk, when missions and tasks
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