The ASPIS core components, managed centrally by the console  ASPISControl interconnect objects, people and RFID tags. ASPISControl applies strict rules, granting or denying use or access, and traces the complete inventory of tagged assets, following the operational requirements of its user. The business process itself is embedded into the console by adding purpose built software components to the console.

The ASPIS modular management console connects and manages the following standard add-on components;

  • ASPISCAR : the telematics system, built on patented LDC-V1 Exceltronic technology, interfacing with various components of a vehicle, allowing effective track and trace of mobile assets.
  • ASPISPERSON : The Identity and Access Management component of the system, applying policies to users, interfacing with various authentification systems such as badges or digital signage.

CUSTOM SOFTWARE : Any business process, where the Chain-of-Custody is managed by ASPISControl is subject of purpose-built software components to add-on the ASPIS Systems Core. Following packages are ready to deploy and easy to adapt to any specific customer need with regards to processes associated to :Military (ASPISWMS), Forest Management (ASPISFMS) or Fleet Management (ASPISFCMS)


Utilizing our rapid application development toolkit, ASPISCONTROL provides customised applications to meet each customer’s exacting data, workflow, tracking, security and reporting requirements.

ASPISControl is an enterprise-class asset management application using J2EE framework and application architecture including Java, Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) and HTML.  The software is a single code base with robust and mature warehouse management software functionality.  ASPISCONTROL supports the use of bar coding and RFID technologies for workflow automation, tracking and security

  • Control by RFID is enabled thanks to the introduction of RFID “tags” that contain a detailed description of the item they are attached to.
  • These RFID tags are associated with each element via the ASPIS solution platform, supplying real time information such as full inventory, visibility, tracking and control of the tagged items 
  • When passing through the control area of RFID readers, the entire inventory is scanned in seconds and the database is automatically updated without staff intervention.
  • The complete track and trace solution integrates the management system ASPISCONTROL with the following modules: CARS, PERSON, TAGS, all within the ASPIS Portfolio.

The management system addresses the mission-critical need to ensure appropriate access to resources across increasingly heterogeneous technology environments, and to meet increasingly rigorous compliance requirements. This security and enforcing practice is a crucial undertaking for any enterprise or organisation. It is increasingly business-aligned, and it requires business alignment, not just technical expertise.

We have developed the ASPIS System to be flexible and modular to adapt to any business requirement and to be compliant to standards such as the United Nations International Small Arms Control Standards.

InSight: For more information or to have a better understanding of the core functionality of these packages, integrated in a complete ASPIS System environment, click here.


ASPISCAR, the control of the telematics component of the ASPIS System, is a combination of an external hardware module and software functionality that enables the seamless integration between track& trace and asset management


ASPISCAR, the control of the Telematics component of the ASPIS System, is a combination of an external hardware module and software functionality that enables the seamless integration between track& trace and asset management. Effectively, building on patented Exceltronic technology, using LDC-V1, the Telematics Division of Maono-group has developed a specific piece of hardware, ASPISCAR, integrating the need to read RFID assets and to connect remotely, without using active RFID or Internet Connectivity.

The ASPISCAR component being under control of the ASPISCONTROL management component, allows to check on the rules and policies being defined in the central database and take control of the specific functions of a vehicle within its environment.

All users of ASPISCar(drivers, passengers, administrators, mechanics, etc.) are identified in real time by their RFID personnel card and tagged material (EG: badge, uniform, weapon, walkie talkie, etc) which are linked to the RFID-tagged vehicle. 

Automatic recognition management is carried out at the entrance / exit barrier where ASPISCarreads and links the RFID car tag to those on passenger cards and their equipment; 

  • Certain passenger cars / labels plus staff can be registered for automatic gate/barrier/door opening without security guard checks, e.g. ministers, high ranking visitors. 
  • In the event of an alert, the system triggers a remote lockdown of all access to A DEFINED secured base.

Embedded Functions

  • Identification per vehicle – make, model, year
  • Car maintenance (oil change, brake fluid, tire change, complete repair logbook, etc.)
  • Check assigned chauffeur has clean, up to date driving license (plus renewal date alert)
  • Car allocation screen (allows manager to assign a specific car to a specific chauffeur)
  • Access screen at entrance / exit security post 
  • Assignment of cars / drivers (entry/exit only authorized if already cleared on system)
  • Full RFID integration of cars and personnel
  • Vehicle GPS surveillance
  • GPRS communication
  • Vehicle can be stopped by remote control
  • Online map location of all vehicles
  • Alarm alert when out of zone
  • Automatic management and authorization at security entrance/exit gate
  • Time management (day or night) plus safe situation
  • Lockdown button for all remote access via Datacenter
  • Notification of estimated return times per vehicle
  • Real time reports of all cars inside and outside complex
  • Petrol consumption management

ASPISCAR interconnects to the other core components of the complete ASPIS SYSTEM solution


The ASPISPerson solution is fully customised to meet the client’s specific requirements. ,The software is user friendly and capable of performing a variety of tasks. It is the core of the ASPIS Role Based System and handling the identity and user authorisations of the system.

Security policies apply to the identity and autorisation function of the module, therefore linking person to access management for various zones (thru geofencing), allowing gates to open – or not – or any other security perimeter that can be defined in the system. Linking the ASPISPERSON to ASPISCAR we can apply the set of rules to any rolling asset in the ASPIS SYSTEM.

Typical functionality the ASPISPERSON module offers :

  • personnel movements
  • access limits 
  • personnel transfers or temporary assignments,
  • automatic alerts and more

Information about staff, visitors and contractors is registered into the system once (or can be imported from current database). Complete Access Control is fully managed by ASPISPERSON from entrance doors / gates and throughout the complex. RFID badges will be provided to staff to open gates, doors, terminals, etc., depending on their access level per zone. 

All personnel movement is logged on the system and reports available in real time. Visitors and contractors, once ID checked and entered onto the system, will receive an RFID badge to access specific areas and their movements within the complex will be monitored. 

Embedded Functions

  • Personnel control system including: name, photo, identification, RFID badge, workstation, work schedule, zone access privileges
  • Visitor control system including: company, name, photo, identification, RFID badge, name of the staff member they are visiting, zone access privileges
  • Contractor control system including: company, name, photo, mission, work schedule, zone access privileges
  • Photos of visitors / contractors taken with the standard webcam at the main entrance


  • Reports on all personnel, visitors, contractors within the complex in real time
  • Reports on visitors / staff who have not left the complex at the end of their mission
  • Staff report on who did not show up
  • Staff reports detailing exact working hours in real time
  • Reports on visitors or contractors within the facility

The system is scalable and new elements or options can be integrated as per client request

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