Defence Technology

Defence Technology
defence technology

ASPIS defence technology solves problems at the root because it has been specifically designed to control and manage weapons and their accessories by integrating software screens, secure RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), barcode, biometric scanners and alarms. The software is fully developed and available for deployment and configuration according to each client’s workflow and terminology, fully adapting to each organisation’s operational requirement.

The sheer volume of movement of weapons and accessories between units and personnel implies great responsibility and a formidable logistical challenge. Countless daily tasks such as transfers, assignments, guard duties, operations, audits, inspections and maintenance make their control a challenge impossible to solve with existing standard methods. 

Achieving effective control so that strategic assets remain in good hands, in optimal condition and in a safe place, can save lives. In addition, it reduces the material and operational costs of the maintenance of superfluous preventive stocks.

Partners in Defence Technology since many years, the Argentina Naval Force builds on the ASPIS Systems Armoury Management System.

Argentina Naval Force

Weapons Management System

We have designed ASPIS WEAPONS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM from the ground up, with UN Standards for control and distribution of Small Arms and Weapons Systems in mind.

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