About us

Maono – vision applied in Swahili –  has been created in 2008 as a result of the combined expertise of its founders, focussing on bringing tailored solutions to the market. We do so by addressing the daily challenge of maintenance and logistics processes delivering a world-class weapons management system, to track, trace and anticipate on daily operations and any future need.

We are acknowledged as a leading player in the technology space, having developed a comprehensive approach for government and private organisations to secure and manage their business assets .

Maono believes that critical assets can be tracked and traced throughout  Identified and Authorised use in any business process and have developed specific solutions. We build on our unique management console ASPISControl© for specific vertical sectors. These solutions embed the use of proven technology, such a RFID and can go as far as IoT, when needed.

Together with our strategic partners, the combined expertise of Maono spans more than 25 years. This allows us to assist our clients in the definition of the appropriate framework to carry our specific solutions, building on standards and supported by organisations such as the United Nations, applicable to government and their specific needs.

With global Research & Development centers and commercial presence in Americas, Europe, Middle-East and Africa; Maono implements tailored made solutions for a wide range of applications across government, retail, logistics, telecommunications, automotive, industry, transportation, insurance, transportation, civil engineering, agriculture, energy and other sectors.

Our experience in implementing complex projects within sensitive and multi-cultural environments combined with flexible technology makes us adaptable to any challenge and positions us well as leading player in specific vertical markets.

Management Team

World citizens with exceptional background combining deep experience across key practices


Javier Rodriguez

Inventor of the world’s most secure technology solution to control military equipment, Javier is acknowledged as a pioneer in connectivity solutions and developing the ASPIS System.

Prior engagements: Tauri Solutions

Founder & Strategy Officer 

 Kais Ouerfelli

Forward thinker and serial entrepreneur having contributed to the Africa’s IT landscape transformation over the past 25 years

Prior engagements: IBM, Internet Security Systems (ISS), Telio, Maono

Founder & CEO 

Paula Woods

Finance player, World citizen, UN and EU diplomat, Paula has contributed to several initiatives changing international landscapes for the best.

Prior engagements: United Nations, European Union, Merrill Lynch

Kurt Horrix, COO MAONO Group

Founder & COO 

Kurt Horrix

Operations, corporate management and business development for leading ICT companies in several African territories

Prior engagements: Dimension Data, RealScale Technologies, IBM

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