Homeland Security

Homeland Security

We build effective Homeland security solutions through ASPIS, based on passive RFID tags and control assets in motion, over the Secure Remote Code Exchange protocol embedded in our Telematics components. Maono applies the concept of zoning or geofencing to your environment, introducing choke-points by strategic use and positioning of RFID readers, feeding back to the ASPISControl management console hosted in an operations center.

In any zoning approach, a prerequisite is therefore to tag all strategic assets and trace those you suspect to move out of the physical boundary of the 1st confinement zone : the armoury.

Operations Centres and Situation Rooms

The ability to remotely track, assess, and resolve issues with commands from a central location allows for the optimization of operations. Investing in operations center space design can help your organization maximize efficiency with minimal necessary infrastructure and better manage the efforts of your team.

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