Physical Security

UN Standards ISACS 05.20

Stockpile Management

Physical Security and Stockpile Management (PSSM) involves providing the necessary physical infrastructure and national capacity in order for states to safely secure and account for weapons and ammunition under government control. This involves the construction and rehabilitation of armouries and ammunition stores in line with international standards as well as the design, implementation and training of national agencies to effectively manage and monitor their stockpiles.

Stockpile management of weapons is the term used to describe those procedures and activities that are necessary for the safe and secure accounting, storage, transportation and handling of small arms and light weapons. ASPIS Weapons Management Solutions are fully compliant to the UN ISACS 05.20 Standards

The United Nations ISACS standards include key standards pertaining to weapons storage that should be followed, where possible, by organisations engaging in PSSM activity. You can find a report with preliminary findings here;

The Role of Weapon and Ammunition Management in Preventing Conflict and Supporting Security Transitions


ASPIS.SYSTEMS and UN Standards : ISACS 05.20

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