Inventory Management

Accurate inventory management, while being agile and responsive to critical situations such as terrorist attacks or any criminal attempt to exploit changes in shifts, where weapons and ammunition change from one team on duty to another, is where our ASPISControl management console comes into play, with predefined templates of missions, people and allowed weapons and gear.

  • A typical armoury inventory could take as much as 7 hours, whereas the accuracy of any audit is at risk, when missions and tasks interfere with the audit process, often carried out even manually and therefore prone to human errors.
  • ASPISControl brings down the response time between request and response, from a central point of view, with delegated administration for managing ad-hoc situations that might occur in the field. Be it at a military base or a police station, We are in CONTROL.

Asset Tracking & Custom Software

Managing and locating important assets is a key challenge for almost any business. Time spent searching for critical equipment can lead to expensive delays or down time, missed deadlines and customer commitments, and wasted labor.

Companies have traditionally addressed this problem by managing assets using serial numbers and spreadsheets, or tracking equipment with barcode labels. However, both of these methods require a significant amount of manual labor. One way to quickly improve asset management is by utilizing radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to automatically track those assets.

An RFID asset tracking system uses electromagnetic fields to transmit data from an RFID tag to a reader. Whether you are talking about office equipment in a multi-story building, wheelchairs, timber logs or IV pumps in a large hospital, tools or equipment in a factory, or pumping equipment in far-flung oil fields, RFID can provide accurate, real-time tracking data for fixed and mobile assets.

Often our clients are looking into tracking ‘something’ they believe valuable within their organisation. Within such a context we more look into Asset Tracking, by use of RFID and a custom software development to translate the applicable business process in reporting. We don’t any longer speak about Common-off-the-Shelf (COTS) software, but custom software we develop, using Maono’s service cycle – identifying needs – and Tauri Solutions ASPISControl Rapid Development Kit, to adapt the software and align to the client’s business process.

To have a better understanding we invite you to consult the following Business Case and the ASPIS solution applied.

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