Linking people and assets

Linking people and assets


Linking people and assets for your enterprise,  is where MAONO has found its inception.

Maono, “Vision” in swahili, is all about managing the use of strategic assets. Access to resources is granted in a secure, controlled and centrally managed environment, deploying our unique suite of ASPIS product solutions.

We believe that critical assets can be tracked and traced throughout  Identified and Authorised use in any business process and have developed solutions, building on our unique management console ASPISControl© for specific vertical sectors. Our solutions embed the use of proven technology, such a RFID and can go as far as IoT, when needed.

RFID technology enables you to organise the management and follow-up of your assets, appliances, rolling stock and personnel in a more efficient, faster and less expensive way in and outside the company environment.

Gain visibility and business insight to the strategic assets and mobile equipment you own, where they are and all related costs. Save time and know where to find your assets. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) equipment connects to your network and updates information in real-time.


Maono offers solutions to identify, authorise the use and to track and trace  your assets, by enforcing the applicable policies, linked to the identity of a user. Our management console connects people to assets, by use of RFID technology together with ASPISControl, ASPISPerson, ASPISCar and ASPISTag.

  • Monitor the overview of each movement in real time, anywhere in the world.
  • Calculate the time during which a person or asset was involved in your process
  • Manual registrations are made redundant and you can save time in your administrative follow-up.
  • Set alarms for maintenance, calibration, inspection, stock replenishment…
  • Control processes by means of RFID tags and our Identity and Access Management solution, ASPISControl

RFID technology allows you to localise your personnel, appliances or products at any moment. The information about the location is sent via a radio signal and presented on a map or sent to a centralised database which you can consult on each fixed or mobile screen

Together with our strategic partners, our combined expertise spans more than 25 years, allowing us to assist our clients in the definition of the appropriate framework to carry our specific solutions. We build on standards and supported by organisations such as the United Nations, applicable to government and their specific needs.

From proven technology to case study, keep an eye on your strategic assets , Vision Applied!

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